Facial/Skin Care



Exfoliating Facial                                                  

Warm-spiced tea infusion, pumpkin-spiced tea infusion, pumpkin enzyme, ginger, safflower oil and kaolin to create an anti-oxidant rich, refining exfoliation for tired skin. Marine tea extracts and caffeine provide a tightening effect, erasing fine lines.

65 minutes $169/Spa Room     $200/In Room

Deep Cleansing
Green tea, aloe and ginger root, combine with warm white kaolin to draw out impurities, while witch hazel, and French rosemary soothe and treat the skin with natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Hot stone hand and foot massage is included.


95 minutes $250/Spa Room     $280/In Room



Lip $22

Chin $22

Eyebrow $30

Underarm $32

Half Leg $45

Full Leg $120


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